WordPress is the most popular web platform in the world accounting for around 20% of the whole internet. It’s popularity is attributed to its amazingly simple way to publish content online. The straight forward interface and text editor allows you to produce, publish and manage your web pages, blogs & images like a professional.

My WordPress development services are usually best suited for growing businesses that want an easy to update, fully automated website that ranks well in Google, without having to do any manual work.

Sucsessful Companies Know The Value Of WordPress

WordPress is secure, quick to develop in and easy to use – that is why millions of company’s worldwide use WordPress to manage their website including: Facebook, UPS, Ford, Marks & Spencer, Chrysler, CNN, NBC and even Google themselves.

User Friendly Content Management

The logical backend of WordPress gives just the right amount of editable options without over doing it with complicated settings. With features such as “distraction free writing mode” which allows you to type without anything but the text editor and “Custom Fields” that allow you to edit different areas of the website without touching any code at all – WordPress really is the most user friendly CMS

WordPress Does The Hard Work For You

WordPress is fully automated, meaning once set up correctly it will automatically update your sitemap (which tells Google where pages are – great for SEO!), automatically optimize the file size of images as well as smart cropping for the physical size too (also great for SEO!) and automatically generate all modern meta tags (you may not understand this but – brilliant for SEO!!).

The King Of Blogs

Blogs are great for getting a website pushed up on Google and WordPress is unrivalled in terms of blog functionality. WordPress excels in areas other blogging systems just don’t cut it and with all the automation mentioned above, you can guarantee WordPress is going to get the most out of your blogging efforts!

Need WordPress Development?

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