why seo is killing your sales

Once upon a time when Danners was just a baby the internet was born, it was still relatively new and hadn’t been quite worked out yet. This was a time when your website could rank well on Google by adding “keywords” – a meta tag that has been redundant for years and still somehow makes its way onto many websites.

This tag was originally designed to give information about your site to Google, however after almost a decade of that being abused, Google rightly decided to ignore that and focus elsewhere. This is why we keep coming across sites that have keywords all over them. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you: Keyword stuffing

Key word stuffing – boy does this suck…

Have you ever been on a website that is constantly saying the same thing over and over again? Or using locations randomly throughout the text? Of course you have, it’s a web design trend that will likely never stop trending. It’s borderline egotistical, like photoshopping your head onto a bodybuilder, when in reality you’d rather be sitting at home watching Jeremy Kyle than exercising – don’t lie to me, I know what’s going on.

It makes for terrible reading, it’s a great achievement getting people to find your website, but getting them to turn into sales is the real goal. You want to share your service to the world and talking to the search engine is literally blanking anyone looking for what your offering. Human beings like to do business with human beings. Through the power of SEO talk, you have successfully made yourself into a lifeless robot.

You’re trying to reach 300 words

There is a rule that states you need to have over 300 words in your content for google to care about it – however trying to reach that limit really loses peoples interest in your page if it’s full of padding. Unless you are blogging about an update or something along those lines a good rule of thumb is if you can’t write over 300 words on it, you would be better off picking another topic to write about.

All your heading tags are keywords.

Your heading tags are supposed to be an introduction into what your content is about. Makes it snappy and people will be much more inclined to read. Always use a keyword and people will get fed up eventually. Do you really blame them?

Sometimes these sites actually look like directory websites, I’ve seen that a couple of times, no images just a load of locations and keywords crammed into a table based design. Lovely!

Final words

There’s nothing wrong with doing this as long as you use a good ratio

If you are desperate and are writing a lot of SEO content at least keep it in balance with human content. I like to think of it as the yin and yang of sales spiel. Get people to find it, if they don’t like it then there was no point in them finding it. Get them to find it and like it and we’re onto a winner!


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