First page in two weeks

Gavin contacted me at the beginning of April (2014) and asked if I could move his site up on Google. He had already made the website using 1&1’s website builder (which he regretted) and just wanted me to move it up. I told him that I cannot promise to move the site up but I can optimise it for Google to give it the best chance.

After I had finished making the changes I kept an eye on the site and watched it slowly creep up the rankings. 2 weeks after the initial date of contact I wrote to Gavin informing him that the website was now on the first page of results, to which he replied “I thought it must be as I’ve started getting work come in through the site”.


I never got to meet Gavin but he seemed like a good guy over the telephone and in emails. He loves what he does and so do his clients.